Abalon Demar

Abalon Demar

Abalon Demar is the boss you must defeat before retriving the Water Millenium Gummy on Cassia. Abalon Demar is a Space Police leader and is shown giving orders to the Space Police to release Magnus Muzzleflash. Gil Mudflap is shown calling Abalon Demar his brother but no family relationship is known.

Abalon Demar is a tough boss to beat, wielding strong Water Magic. Abalon's first attack is Sweet Nothings in which he will inflict a new status condition; Charmed, on one character. This character will be unable to attack Abalon in any way, as they are 'charmed' by him. The character will be able to heal other party members however. The follow-up move of Sweet Nothings is Hello,Goodbye. In this attack, Abalon summons forth the Charmed character and leaves them with only 1 HP left. Then he will use Sweet Nothings on another character.

Abalon can also use Celestial Swap to power himself up or to power down a character. He also knows Forested Field which is a Water Spell that targets up to four characters and deals approximately 100 damage each hit. His ultimate spell is called Iced Fromage, it's another Water Spell which summons a great blizzard and deals a lot of damage to the entire party.

After beating Abalon Demar, you are rewarded with the Shampoo Cap.

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