Ambergris Prep was founded by Craaken and is located on the Western Island of Cassia, the water planet.

History Edit

Craaken Edit

It is told by Grenadine that Craaken was a great wizard who predicted the sun's death. He also founded a Magic school that was once one of the best in the Baklava Solar System.

Students Edit

Students say that Ambergris Pep used to be the top magic school, before Will-o-Wisp Academy was founded, and that it taught many famous wizards like Principal BiscottiMiss MadelineTwigadamus, and Rogan Josh. It is also learned by the player that the school used to use the Book of the Darned as a textbook students were obligated to read.


Humans also attend the school

Appearance Edit

Outside Edit

The school appears to have building made of purple-pink coral, similar to the homes of the otters of Port Pescato. It has the layout of a small town without any villager homes, as it has a store, an inn, and a main building (school). All sorts of students attend the school, from Spiny Moles to Salamanders to humans.

Inside Edit

Inside of the main building, there are three doors other than the entrance to choose from. The room on the left has beds placed in circular holes in the walls, where the party sleeps after retrieving the water millennium gummy. The room in the center is the principal's office, and has a desk in the center with rows of books on the back wall. The room on the right is a library, and has the Book of the Darned.

Story Edit

The party ventures to the school for only one quest: to retrieve the water millennium gummy. After the quest is completed, the party can go back to the academy, but it is not necessary to return for the game to continue.