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The top half shows the planets.

The Baklava Solar System is the solar system in which Magical Starsign takes place.

It houses Razen, Gren, Puffoon, Cassia, Erd, Kovomaka, and the two planets within the sun - Nova and Shadra. The sun bathes out five different beams of light. Each light powers up the planet of a Starsign and therefore empowers any user of that specific type of magic.

Razen is the Planet of Fire, Gren is the Planet of Wood, Cassia is the Planet of Water, Puffoon is the Planet of Wind, and Erd is the Planet of Earth. Nova is the Planet of Light while Shadra is the Planet of Darkness.

The spell Celestial Swap allows the user to move the five planets at will. This does not give the user power to move the light or dark planet however.

Planets and their Starsigns
Planet Starsign
Nova Light
Shadra Dark
Razen Fire
Gren Wood
Puffoon Wind
Cassia Water
Erd Earth
Kovomaka NA