Biek Fowler

Biek Fowler

Biek Fowler, is a Space Police boss and uses Dark Magic. He is the arresting officer of Miss Madeline and supposedly went on vacation; to which Abalon Demar comments,

"If Biek Fowler comes back from vacation with things in this state, he'll have our hides..."

In Battle Edit

The Hero/Heroine finally battles Biek Fowler on the Staircase on Nova.

Attacks Edit

Biek Fowler is a tough boss, before reaching Shadra. He can attack twice every turn and has a number of powerful attacks to choose from.

Biek Fowler will Celestial Swap to remove a character's power-up but will rarely do this. He can also use Shadow Die, a Level 1 Dark Spell. Biek Fowler's other two attacks are Rising Palm and Lotus Barrage, both physical attacks.

After the Battle Edit

Even after defeat, Biek Fowler is still more trouble because of his shield having a self-destruct command to which Durum promptly saves the Hero/Heroine and sacrifices himself instead.