Stuff myself?! Are you crazy? They stuffed me into it! Said they were going to sell me and gift wrap me. And they're the police!

—Chai to Mokka

Chai, as he is known as by both English and Japanese players of the game, is a shy salamander mage which has the Starsign of Wood.

History Edit

Like the other main characters, not much is known about him, except that he's a freak to his fellow salamanders because his use of magic, the way he talks and that he is a student at Will-o-Wisp Academy.

Personality Edit

He is quiet and sensitive especially when Lassi and Pico make fun of his magic and saying that it is kind of useless. He may be the least talkative of the six students besides the main character.

Story Edit

He will join you after you obtain the Tempus Forget and rescue him from the Space Police . It is subtly hinted that Chai might have a tiny crush on Lassi, but you can hardly notice because it is so subtle. It is shown that either Pico or Mokka is his best friend. He is the only one on the team to make it to Puffoon which is the set destination of the six apprentices.

Ability Edit

His Wood Magic causes leaves to appear on the ground, which are used to raise stats of one person on the team.