Cresson is Brioche's dad. He is a rabbit and shares many features with Brioche as well as Lassi.

Appearance Edit

Cresson has two long ears that hang down. He also has a red scarf as well as a blue and red cloak. He also sports brown hair and a blue hat. Unlike other rabbits, however, Cresson is the only rabbit to wear sandals.

Personality Edit

Cresson can be described as lazy and scolding, as well as easily scared. When the party first meets him, Cresson is reading a newspaper inside of his house. He doesn't look up until he sees the Space Police, and when he does, he immediately panics and starts to scream "Golly, it's the Space Police!" and runs. He also gives away all of the money his son has saved up and scolds his son for getting involved with the Space Police.

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