The Dwarves are the primary civilization on the Fire Planet, Razen. The dwarves are grease monkeys who are said to be able to fix anything and everything. Their main city is Macaroon located on the top of a volcano. They are highly advanced, even being able to apply magical artifacts to a rocket. The Dwarves have no known communication with the Potfolk and the two are only seen together when their ships both arrive at Nova, the Light Planet. Although there were two brief occasions where two Pots were in Macaroon, and were in Capsicum Caverns with some Dwarves.

The Dwarves' pride and joy is Condimen Tower, the location of all of their most important secrets. The most famous dwarf, Grenadine, spends most of his time up in Condimen Tower. The dwarves are very intelligent. One Dwarf in the game says that any Dwarf whom betrays Condimen Toer by giving out it's secrets is banished from its' halls forever. This is how the four Dwarves of Cassia aren't on Razen.

However, there never seems to be any Female dwarves so it doesn't make any real sense how they can continue on. The Dwarves are named after soups and chowders.

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