WEarth Starsign

Earth Starsign

Earth Magic is a type of Magic that uses the power of the earth surrounding the caster. It uses rocks to crush, stab, and to shake the earth. Earth Magic is tied to Erd, the Earth Planet. In battle, Earth users have the longest period of time of being powered up by their aura. But they also have to wait the longest until the planet completes it's orbit.

Wild Earth Magic involves shaking the earth the to move objects, open up cracks and generally do massive damage.

Mokka is the team's Earth magic specialist.

List of AttacksEdit

List of Earth Starsign CreaturesEdit

  • Mud Jammer
  • Soldier Ant
  • Magician Ant
  • Meteorn
  • Buffalope
  • Hoody Thing
  • Punkasaur
  • Cabong
  • Eggkeeper
  • Sarcophagoul
  • Gobbler
  • Unihorn
  • Monster Chest
  • Bagong
  • Smiley Leech
  • Wood Warrior
  • Pegmafly
  • Coldling
  • Dirtling
  • Dustling
  • Elder Dragon
  • Boogaclops
  • Planetern
  • Faded Stone
  • Peewee
  • Sand Carrier

List of Earth Starsign BossesEdit

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