Felin (F)


The Felins were a cat-like people who lived in Tropica Village on the Wood Planet of Gren. This race is easily influenced by the domineering of Durum when he was their leader. They were used by the Space Pirates to capture magicians for Master Kale's plan. The Felins was tyrannized by a creature known as Mojo. Magic was seemingly common in the Felin village as Farina could use magic and also it is stated by a Felin villager that the Felins could have easily fought back against the pirates if they still had their magicians. They are very loyal to each other.

The Felins did not seem to have any real contact with the Salamanders except for when Durum, Farina and Semolina stayed at the Salamander Cave. They did appear on Puffoon and Nova so it is guessed that they have rockets. But due to a scene in the game upon your first arrival at Gren, it is reasoned that the Felin are not very advanced for they shoot arrows at the rocket ship.

The Felins are named after grains and musical instruments.

Known Felins of Tropica Edit

  • Taiko and Fife (child Felin twins and sons of Timpano)
  • Djimbe (male)
  • Viola (shop-owner of 'Viola's Shop' and female)
  • Timpano (mother of Taiko and Fife)
  • Bouzouki (elder Felin and male)
  • Tambour (male)
  • Charango (male and inn-keeper of 'Nuts Lodge')
  • Sitar (female)
  • Dobro (male)
  • Lyre (female)
  • Gamelan (female and fortune-teller)
  • Semolina (protector and friend of Farina and female)
  • Farina (female, daughter of Durum, and princess of Tropica)
  • Durum (male, father of Farina, ruler of Tropica)