Gamelan is a Felin who lives in Tropica Village and can be found in a building in the upper left corner of the village.

Occupation Edit

Gamelan serves as the village fortune-teller.

Ritual Edit

Before telling the party a fortune, Gamelan will dance in the center of the room. During this, music will play in the background. When Gamelan is finished dancing, a bright white light will flash, and Gamelan will tell the party the fortune, starting with "I see, I see..."

Predictions Edit

When the party talks to her during their first trip to Tropica, Gamelan will predict that there will be a reunion on Razen

Personality Edit

Not much can be said about Gamelan except that she can be considered superstitious, since she is a fortune teller and also sports the yin yang symbol on her skirt. She may also support taoist beliefs.