Glamour Shot, is one of the Dark Magic spells that the Hero/Heroine (if Dark Magic) cannot use. The attack is instead used by the optional boss Gummy Girl, in the Kahve Ruins. She is a fairly difficult boss and is notorious for using this spell.


As a guess, the Gummy Girl, like most bosses is in the back row. But, Glamour Shot seems to be only for your entire team. After the usual magic circle, the caster will form a dark sphere in between their hands and it will summon dark energy. It will then fire a pulse of dark magic out across the battlefield. The sphere will become a swirl of energy. Two objects that seem to be hands made out of gummies will appear and begin circling your team. They will spin faster and create a twister of dark energy. This will expand to cover the entire screen and suck up your team into the vortex. It will dissipate and leave your team to drop down from the sky and land back into a different formation, your entire team being scrambled up. This will do between 200-500 damage to each character and has the chance of Cursing a team member.


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