Wood Planet, Gren

Gren (Koapiter) is the wood planet which is mostly covered by jungle and woodland area. It has a large river named the Salamander River flowing through it and is only populated in three areas.

Map Edit

Gren's civilizations are widely spaced out and are separated by a dense jungle. Many villagers of Tropica advise the party to not venture in the jungle without items such as green gummy frogs. Many signs are scattered throughout the jungle, however, to guide the party on where to go. Tropica Village is located in the most western part of the planet, making it the closest civilization to where the party's rocket lands. Salamander Cave is located in central Gren, and Assam is located in northeastern Gren. There are also many hidden areas unique to Gren, such as a place to observe sparrows, near Salamander Cave.

Places Edit

Assam Edit

Assam, the largest city on Gren is to the north-easternmost border and is shaded by a large tree christened Yggsalad which is the Holy Tree of the Salamanders. The Wood Millenium Gummy is found here in Yggsalad and is the third gummy to be retrieved.

Salamanders Edit

After the Space Pirates invaded to round up magicians, the salamanders were forced out of Yggsalad where they took refuge in the Salamander Cave hidden in the jungle. The pirates however, placed two Totem Bombs to block any Salamanders from going to or from the cave.

Tropica Village Edit

The third population area is Tropica Village located in the middle of Carbonara Jungle on the western edge of the planet. This is home to the Felins, a group of cat-like people who are a main part of the game's storyline. They were led by a man named Durum who forced them to aid the Pirates by turning over all the magicians. Then ironically, his own daughter could use magic yet he constantly denied it to the point that he was exiled from Tropica because of his treachery.

Carbonara Jungle Edit

The Carbonara Jungle is the jungle which separates these towns/cities. It is home to many different kinds of monsters, the majority being able to wield Wood Magic. It is a dangerous place and players are well advised to stock up on Gummy Frogs and Gummy Worms before attempting to cross it.

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