Gumbo Gaol (inside)

Gumbo Gaol (inside)

Gumbo Gaol is the Robot prison which is located on the earth planet of Erd. It seems to be reknown for it's abilities as a prison as a nearby Spiny Mole is surprised after learning of your escape.

You are only placed in there once in the storyline, when you are knocked out by the red robot. The Securitron is to guard you and is to be beaten by the player in order to escape.

There are only two cells, both surrounded by a pit of spikes. To the far right is a button which can either extend or retract two drawbridges across the spikes.

You will use the Securitron as a bridge after using your Wild Magic to confuse it.

Name Origin Edit

Gumbo Gaol (outside)

Gumbo Gaol (outside)

Gumbo is a traditional Southern United States dish in which vegetables, meat and other food is mixed into a very spicy soup-like state and served hot. A gaol is the Old English term to mean a jail. At that time period, most people did not get out of jail and therefore it became an almost permanent living space for some.

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