Hermit Lab

Hermit Lab

Hermit Lab is a water-aligned semi-boss. The lab can apparently read and write, as he puts up signs that say he is sorry for challenging the party once he is defeated.

The party first hears about the lab during their first trip to Port Pescato. The otters who live in the port will tell the party that a thief has been stealing things of theirs lately. Some will say that they think that they know who the thief is. When the party begins to investigate, they find out that a pair of brothers have recently adopted a hermit lab. Later on, when looking for the stolen goods, the party will find out that the thief was indeed the hermit lab, and will have to battle him in order to get the stolen goods.

In Battle Edit

The hermit lab is an easy semi-boss to defeat. He will use the attack tackle, which deals usually about 40-47 damage. He will also use cower and emerge, which do not deal any damage to the party. However, once the hermit lab has used cower, all attacks used will decrease by about 85%. This can only be undone if the hermit lab uses emerge.

Bestiary Entry Edit

"The hermit lab is a simple beast with simple tastes: making mischief, swiping stuff, and scratching. Some say its a messenger of the Dragon God."