The Hero and Heroine are the two player characters, one of which the player themself can select based on their own Gender or not and even name. Though which Gender they choose does not affect the game (except for an event on Razen), what starsign they pick between Light and Darkness affects the starsigns of other characters in the game. Miss Madeline, Master Kale, and the Putty they can transform into temporarily at a certain point in the game will always be the opposite starsign of the player character chosen.

History Edit

Nothing much is known about them prior to the story, other than that they are a student of Will-o-Wisp Academy on the planet of Kovomaka. Their overworld ability, no matter what starsign, are only used in particularly important parts of the storyline, such as the beginning and end.

In Battle Edit

Regardless of starsign, the player character has balanced stats, though they are higher than average. As such, the Protagonist is a very versatile character when in combat, working well either in front or back. When in front, they can hit hard and take quite a bit of damage, and while in back, they can support the group or punish enemies with a multi-striking spell. Although Dark characters are a little more flexible, Light characters generally work better in the back row.

Personality Edit

Due to the fact the external player chooses all of their actions and that the main character doesn't say anything other than 'yes', 'no' and a few other things, it could be said that either the protagonist has no personality whatsoever, or it is just impossible for us to find out what it is. If anything canonical could be said about their personality, perhaps they could be described as terse, brave, and having good leadership skills, but not much more. Otherwise, if the character is Female, they are said to be mysterious, or if the character is Male, they are said to be fearless.

Special MomentsEdit

If you play as the Hero, at the Starfall Festival, Lassi will confess that she has a crush on him. On the other hand, if you play as the Heroine, at the same location, Mokka instead will confess. Either way, these feelings are never referred to again for the remaining duration in the game, nor are they even so much as implied.


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