The Kahve Ruins are located at the very northern peak of the earth planet, Erd. The ruins seem to have been made by the Espresso Civilization before their downfall, and tatamount to this, the Robots are still guarding the Ruins, even if not overly well.

First EncounterEdit

Your first encounter with the ruins, is at the very beginning at which you will climb the ruins and after going inside you will sneak up to the top and find a ship. You will attempt to take the ship but you will be attacked by a red robot whose Electroknuckle Punch will knock both you and Lassi out in one hit.

Second EncounterEdit

The second encounter will be after beating the Ant Queen, to which you will then turn on the ruins from Where the Stars Sleep. Upon battling Robots up to the ruins, you will have to dodge the red robot before heading up to the final level. Here you will find the Securitron upgraded and ready for a rematch! After beating the robot, you may proceed to take the ship and fly away with it, knocking out the red robot and his minions with the initial shockwave from the thrusters.

Third EncounterEdit

Kahve Ruins (inside)

Kahve Ruins (inside)

Your third encounter will happen when you are back to look for the Earth Millenium Gummy. It is now that you can use the central elevator down and will discover the gummy processing plant beneath the ruins. This is where you will meet Rogan Josh once again and he will recount the story of the Espresso Civilization and will warn you of what will happen. You also recharge Mokka here. On your way out, it is possible to battle the optional boss of the Gummy Girl.

She is a Level 31, Dark Starsign boss who can prove to be more annoying then actually dangerous. Prepare for her beforehand with a lot of Gummy Frogs and Worms.

Name Edit

The Kahve Ruins is most likely attributed to 'coffee', a dark drink made from the coffee bean. Originated in Arabia, it is most principally grown in Columbia and India now.