King Suspiro

King Suspiro

King Suspiro, is the current king of Bena Rikashi. He was once the best friend of Master Kale but is angry and unhappy because he was blinded by his misjudgement and effectively turned over control of the Space Police to Kale.


King Suspiro is very decorated with his clothes and accessories, most likely due to his status as a king. He is a person with blueish skin and blue hair in teh form of beard, being bald on his head. He has orange eyes and tattoos that seem to seep down his forehead to his nose. He is wearing a large fur mantle around his neck and a seemingly large purple bead necklace. His robe is composed of a triangular pattern at the edges of the robe and across the actually body. He also has a sort of apron which looks like a sword with light radiating from it. His shoes are blue with red beads on them. They have wooden bottoms like the rest of the shoes.


King Suspiro is a very proud person and someone easily taken advantage of, as seen with his friendship with Kale. he does however seem slightly conflicted when he took a while before deciding to tell the player the story of his fault. Otherwise he seems like a fairly decent king.

Interactions with the PlayerEdit

Originally when you try to enter into King Suspiro's castle, you will be turned away by a sneering guard. He will remark how the king doesn't want to see a bunch of little kids. Later, you are summoned to see the King and he will tell you his story and ask you to defeat Master Kale and his teacher Biek Fowler. He say that he never should have been king. However, he doesn't know anything about the Wind Millenium Gummy.

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