We can borrow it and see if we can't get ourselves to Puffoon, don't you think? And...when I say borrow, I mean hot-wire and steal it, but you got the idea.

—Lassi to Hero/Heroine

Lassi, or Jasmine (ジャズミン Jazumin) as she is known in the Japanese version of the game, is a flighty rabbit mage, wielding the power of Wind Magic.

History Edit

Not much is known about her, besides that like her fellow magicians, she also attends Will-o-Wisp Academy as a student and she was raised in the downtown area of Kovomaka with many other immigrants. It is assumed that she was born on Puffoon in Honey Mint.

In Game Edit

She will join you after you crash on Erd at the beginning of the game (she is with you throughout the entire game). Her overworld power makes several sugarstars pop out of the ground near HP pots, which is useful for warp points as you progress through the game.

Although physically weak, complete with the lowest HP stat in the group, Lassi boasts the best magic-casting ability out of the six students and does excellently in the back row. Her agility is high, meaning she'll be able to strike slower opponents quite often, and she recovers high amounts of MP every time it's her turn, making her a very useful team mate indeed. It is strategically best to keep her in the back row, so that she may use Healing Wing or Mother's Nest to restore some of your magicians' HP when they're all running low, or smite enemies with her powerful spells.


Lassi is a rabbit-like girl with a reputation for being scatterbrained and ditzy, with the tendency to be mischievous at times. Despite her species, she despises being called a 'bunny girl'.

If the player character is Male, she will eventually reveal her feelings for him, although it is never mentioned again or elaborated further upon in the game after the Starfall Festival on Razen, the Fire planet. If playing as a Female, it could be argued that Lassi considers the main character her best friend probably because she is with you the longest.

She is perhaps the most talkative of the six after maybe Pico, but prefers to keep some things to herself and chooses work at her own pace. Before speaking, she always takes in the atmosphere.