WLight Starsign

Light Starsign

Light Magic is a type of Magic, based upon the power of Light. It can heal, blind and injure the opponent. Light Magic is influenced by night and day, Light Magic being stronger by day and weaker by night.

Wild Light Magic is only able to be used when needed but typically creates a blinding flash of light.

You can choose the Hero/Heroine to be Light Magic at the beginning of the game.

List of AttacksEdit

List of Light Starsign CreaturesEdit

  • Hearty Dog
  • Bellcharm
  • Prettyboy
  • Loverboy
  • Cuckoo Claxon
  • Ma Cherie
  • Brainboxer
  • Bad dad
  • Angelder
  • Golden Bat
  • Marilyn
  • Psychoboxer
  • Masked Devil
  • Requiel
  • Reversio
  • Rainbow King
  • Cosmic Rider
  • Zap Hound
  • Oldfangel
  • Erilyn
  • Zap Raccoon
  • Bellber
  • Space Police Trooper
  • Space Police Major

List of Light Starsign BossesEdit

  • Panic Alarm
  • Odd Beetle
  • Space Warden
  • Gummy Giant