MP, or Magical Points, is the amount of magical energy that a character has. As characters level up, they can gain a higher capacity of MP.

In Battle Edit

All spells cost a certain amount of MP. The caster of the spell must have enough MP in order to cast it. If they do not, they can't cast the spell. More powerful spells cost more MP than low power spells, and vice versa.

Gaining MP Edit

Characters can gain MP in multiple ways:

  • After each round in battle a character can recover some MP
  • Characters can go to MP pots and replenish their MP for the cost of one sugarstar
  • Sleeping at an inn will allow the characters MP recovery
  • Gummy worms and other battle items replenish MP

MP vs. HP Edit

  • Characters with high HP generally have low MP recovery.
  • An example of this is that Mokka has high HP but low MP recovery, however,
  • Lassi has low HP but high MP recovery.