Macaroon is a town composed entirely of dwarves. It is located in northern Razen, on the volcano visible on the map of the planet. Like most towns, it has an inn, a store, and resident homes. However, unique to Macaroon, Macaroon has a tower called Condimen Tower, located in northern Macaroon.

Appearance Edit


Macaroon is located on the volcano visible on a map of Razen

Macaroon, like the rest of Razen, has a pinkish-purple ground and dark red walls. It has five buildings; one inn, one store, two resident homes, and Condimen Tower. All of the buildings appear to have spikes coming out of the roof. Macaroon is generally smaller than most towns, not counting the massive tower in northern Macaroon.

Buildings Edit

Macaroon has five buildings.

Condimen Tower Edit

Macaroon's Condimen Tower as viewed from the outside

Macaroon's Condimen Tower as viewed from the outside

Perhaps the most striking building in all of Macaroon is Condimen Tower. With it's three floors and an exterior size similar to Yggsalad, it clearly is the most massive object in Macaroon. Condimen Tower is used by Grenadine and his employees. Like the entrance to the rest of Macaroon, the entrance to Condimen Tower is guarded by a dwarf who will only let the party inside if they acquire the Fire Millennium Gummy. Condimen Tower has an elevator, but it can only be used going downwards. The tower also has blue ladders connecting the floors.

Inn Edit

The inn in Macaroon is reasonably priced, with six beds. Like all other inns, the player can choose to sleep until morning or evening.

Store Edit

The store in Macaroon is decently equipped with battle items as well as clothing for the party. The prices are slightly above average, however.

Resident Homes Edit

The resident homes are plain and simple, with usually only a bed and a desk. The dwarves being fine engineers, the desks are usually coated with papers.

Entering Macaroon Edit

In order to enter Macaroon, the party must go up several flights of stairs in order to reach the city. Before they can catch glimpse of Macaroon, however, a guard will tell the party that they aren't allowed past him because they aren't dwarves. When presented with a fake beard given to the party by a dwarf on Cassia, the guard will let them pass.