Magnus Muzzleflash of the Space Police

Magnus Muzzleflash is possibly the most dangerous-looking opponent and the worst shot in the history of war. This Fire Starsign boss is extremely powerful and battle-oriented. He was supposed to be chained up by the Space Police but was let out on orders from Abalon Demar.

History Edit

Magnus Muzzleflash was a powerful criminal wanted by the Space Police. once he was captured, he was chained up in a high security prison. Most Space Police members are scared of him, so it can be assumed that Magnus terrorized many citizens before he was locked up. He was eventually let out by the Space Police under orders from Abalon Demar.

Personality Edit

Magnus is very sure of himself and does not accept defeat. Although he is very persistent when it comes to completing his goals, he often overestimates himself.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Muzzleflash is a reckless fighter, notorious for gunning down friend and foe alike. After his last battle, he was imprisoned for the safety of the galaxy

Attacks Edit

He has many different attacks which he uses to defeat the party standing upon Tektos, on Erd.

  • Blood Rage is his physical attack and deals approximately 500 damage to one character.
  • Blazing Cannon is another attack which targets one character and does approximately the same damage.
  • Heat Fondue is the normal Fire attack which Pico knows.
  • Counterattack is another attack Muzzleflash uses.
    • After you attack him, physical attack or spell, Muzzleflash will Counterattack, dealing approximately 600 damage. This will quickly lower your overall health in battle.

Magnus Muzzleflash is killed by the stone giant, Tektos who gives up his life to obliterate the boss.

Attack Name Damage
Blood Rage 400-550 single character
Blazing Canon 450-550 single character
Heat Fondue 30-95 per character
Counterattack 400-600 single character

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