That sounds like a sensible plan.

—Mokka to Lassi

Mokka, Café Latte (カフェラテ Kaferate) in the Japanese version of Magical Starsign, is a robot, considered to be male, with Earth Magic at his disposal.

History Edit

Unlike the other students, he actually has a mentioned history, though not too much is known: he was found in a curiosity shop by Principal Biscotti, then purchased, programmed, and enrolled as a student in Will-o-Wisp Academy.

In Game Edit

His headless body can be found on Cassia, though he is later recruited once the Hero/Heroine and Lassi get his head back. Once he joins, you can use his overworld ability to flip over Gummy Frogs.

It is highly recommended that Mokka is placed at the front of the team, due to his high strength and defense. Even if he's terribly sluggish and recovers his MP just as slowly, his physical attacks aren't anything to sneeze at, especially with the right equipment. Mokka works well as a shield for the weaker characters in the back row, soaking up enemy attacks with relative ease.


Being a robot, Mokka is a typically deadpan and has a logical view on almost everything. However, unlike most robots in Magical Starsign (most of them on Erd the earth planet), Mokka actually has a personality and character, complete with the desire to be in a romantic relationship and he can be sarcastic, despite his literal cold outer shell. He is a little stubborn at times and can be impatient, but he is actually quite kind-hearted and works hard for his friends.

During the Starfall Festival, if the main character is Female, Mokka will confess that he has feelings for her, but it is unknown if he retains these feelings, as this event is otherwise never mentioned in the game.