Potfolk are the residents of Paella

Paella is the town of the Potfolk on Razen. It is protected by a barrier made by Celadon, a barrier-smith. The pots comment on the barrier saying that before the barrier was built to keep out evil, pots were being broken all of the time. The barrier fails to keep out the Space Police when they invade later on in the game.

Eastern Paella Edit

Paella has an inn, a store, and multiple houses. However, the pots mostly stay outside, unless they are preparing indoors for the Starfall Festival. All of the buildings are on the Eastern side of Paella.

Western Paella Edit

On the Western side of Paella, there appears to be a large stage, where the party can overlook the stars. This stage is where Sorbet tells Pico that she no longer can afford tuition for Will-o-Wisp Academy and will have to drop out.

Story Edit

Before the Festival Edit

The story in Paella starts of with the party spotting Sorbet entering the town, and then stealing Celadon. The pots are very distressed, especially because he held the glaze needed for the Starfall Festival. When the party retrieves Celadon and returns to the town, the Starfall Festival will start.

After the Festival Edit

After the festival, the pots will comment on how much fun it was, and how they can't wait for the next festival comes, which will be in 200 years.

Space Police Edit

Later on in the game, the Space Police use the town to build the Cybersaurus.