Parfait is a felin who attends Ambergris Prep. The party first meets her in Bena Rikashi.


Little is known about Parfait's life before she began attending Ambergris Prep. It is unknown what happened to her birth parents, or where she is from. However, it can be inferred that since Parfait is a felin, she can trace her lineage to Tropica Village.

Parfait is one of the school's top students, and is usually sent on missions by the principal of Ambergris Prep, Sturgeon.


Parfait is an educated character who has pride in her school. She is not afraid to use her cunning to get others to do what she wants them to do, and does not doubt her skill. She often has good motives.


The party first meets Parfait when they enter Bena Rikashi. She will run up to the party and ask them to get something from her. She will then unclock Master Kale's house and will tell them to retrieve a book for her. The book ends up being the Book of the Darned, and the party will unknowingly give it to Parfait.

The party will meet Parfait a second time when they return to Cassia. She will show the party the way to Ambergris Prep and then to the Water Temple. She will also tell the party about the Book of the Darned and about a bit of Miss Madeline's past.

The party will meet Parfait again on Paella. Parfait will distract the Space Police while the party defeats the Cybersaurus