Port Pescato is a port located on Cassia, the water planet. It is inhabited by primarily otters, but also by dwarves and a human


Port Pescato and its inhabitants have had a long history with pirates, magic, and legends. The town has its own storyteller, whom often retells legends and stories that occured in Port Pescato.

The Fire OtterEdit

Port Pescato is a very old port which probably started before heaters and stoves were invented. Otters were dying in the winter due to the cold, until one day, a powerful otter, called the fire otter, set fire to a glass of water. From then on, the water inside of the glass could never evaporate or douse a fire. The magical water became known as the aquarino. 

The aquarino was used by the village to keep warm in the winter, until heaters and such were brought to the port. The otters were happy, until one day, a monster killed the fire otter's brother. The fire otter ran into the monster's cave, ready to kill it, and never returned. The otters still remembered the powerful fire otter even after he died.


A pirate otter


Port Pescato is a peaceful, calm town in which almost everyone got along. A few otters, however, began to crave adventure. They grouped together and built a ship to leave the port. The otters joined the space pirates, pillaging towns and traveling throughout the solar system. Their main base is Assam, a town in Gren. The pirates became feared wherever they went.

The otters in Port Pescato are very ashamed that their fathers and brothers became pirates. They almost never mention their history.


Port Pescato's inhabitants often get along, even if they do have their differences. Port Pescato is inhabited by:

The otters live on the main part of the town inside of gray and pink homes which are shaped like giant shells. The dwarves live closer to the port. It is unknown where the putty and human live, as they often wander the town.


Port Pescato is made up of a port and a town. The homes are shaped like giant shells, and are pink and gray. The town has a shop, an inn, a port, and villager homes. Port Pescato does not have a ruler or a king.

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