The Potfolk of Razen are one of the most unusual civilizations in the Baklava Solar System. For one, the pots live for centuries (because they're pots) and they can also dig and smell with nonexistent hands and noses. They are able to move by rocking back and forth while sliding across the ground.

Paella Edit


Celadon, the barriersmith

The Potfolk live in a town called Paella, on the western border of Razen. Their town is protected by a barrier which keeps out evil. The barrier was created by a barriersmith, the current one being a pot called Celadon. The pots replenish their numbers by creating new pots with clay, glazing them and then bringing them to life at the Starfall Festival.

Starfall Festival Edit

The Starfall Festival is a festival which only occurs every two hundred years. While stars are shooting across the sky, the Elder Kettle chants a song that brings the new pots to life. Each pot is given a name a place in society and is fully grown at birth.

Space Police Edit

The Potfolk are overrun in Paella by the Space Police while they were building their secret weapon.

Elder Kettle

Elder Kettle

Names Edit

The Potfolk are named after anything to do with pots, pans or making pots.

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