Fire Planet, Razen

The fire planet Razen (Raguafor), is the home of the Dwarves and Potfolk in the game. Being entirely comprised of lava and harsh rocky ground, it seens impossible that any life dwells here.

Inhabitants Edit

Dwarves Edit

To the north in the volcano, the dwarves live and build their ships underneath the greatest of their acheivements (they think), Condimen Tower. The most famous of these dwarves is Grenadine who is the one who tells you about how Craaken predicts the end and rebirth of the sun. He also allows you to fly to Nova by using the millenium gummies. The city Macaroon, is home to many dwarves and is also the place of origin for the dwarves of Pescato. It is placed under siege by the pirates for the millenium gummies at about the same time as Paella is placed under siege.

Potfolk Edit

The potfolk in Paella live peaceful lives except every two hundred years. During this time they will have the Starfall Festival in which new pots are created to continue with the next generations. The pots are first sculted, then glazed and then brought to life with a song, sung by the Elder Kettle. The barriersmith of Paella is Celadon, who created the barrier outside to prevent monsters from entering the town. Paella is also placed under attack by the Space Police when they are building their "secret weapon".

Key Items Edit

Fake Beard Edit

The fake beard is found on Cassia, given to the Hero/Heroine by the dwarves in Port Pescato. When approaching the dwarf town on Razen, a guard will tell the party they can't go through. When they show him the beard, he lets them pass, saying that they must have befriended a dwarf "or killed one, I (the dwarf) suppose."

Fire Millennium Gummy Edit

The Fire Millenium gummy is the first gummy you recieve by accident in the Capsicum caves. When searching for a treasure so that Grenadine can get his mind off of the caves, the party be warned of a fire-breathing dragon. While being chased by a fireball, the party will then find the fire millennium gummy in the mouth of a dragon skeleton.

Comet Book Edit

Given to the Hero/Heroine by Elder Kettle during the Starfall Festival, the Comet Book allows the player to learn a new spell, Comet Shower.