Robot from Erd

The robots of Erd are the only fully terrestrial sentient civilization alive today on Erd's surface.

History Edit

They are the product of the Espresso craftmanship, but turned their former masters into gummies as an energy source.


"Leader" robot in the Kahve Ruins

Advances Edit

Their town is called Rio Villa and is in the south-western part of the planet. They also run a power plant in the Kahve Ruins in the north of the planet. Though the road between these two places seems to pass by Where the Stars Sleep, it doesn't look as if the robots are fully able to understand how to turn it on.

The robots center of the power plant is called the Emerald Core. When all the gummies run out and there is no more energy in the Emerald Core, it is said that all robots will be turned into mindless drones bent on attacking the other civilizations across the galaxy in an effort to save their own energy source.

Story Edit

You first steal your Neumann spaceship from the robots when escape from Erd. However, there isn't a Mystic Mouse to control where you go, forcing you to crash land on Cassia .

The robots have built gates that only they can control so as to prevent other peoples from moving freely around the planet. They are of the Earth Starsign when you battle them. Rio Villa is overrun by the Space Police when they are attempting to capture the player with Magnus Muzzleflash.