Space Pirates are enemies which the player first encounters while on the water planet Cassia. Their hideout can be found on Gren. Some pirates are otters who have left the town of Port Pescato for the pirate life in Assam. Some pirates include Lord Persimmon and Master Chard.

The pirates travel the Baklava Solar System to frighten and pillage villagers. The pirates, however, don't seem to appear on Puffoon. This is probably because Space Police HQ is located in Bena Rikashi, the capital city of Puffoon.


The Space Pirates have been around for generations. It can be assumed that Master Chard was the pirate leader, until Master Kale took over.

Peacock Fish Map

Pirate otters as they appear in the game, wearing red uniforms


The otters of Port Pescato were tired of their boring, calm lives on Cassia. They grouped together and joined the Space Pirates. The Space Pirates are mostly otters, with some exceptions, like Lord Persimmon and Master Kale. It is unknown whether the otters joined the Space Pirates before or after Master Kale became in charge of the pirates.

Master KaleEdit

Master Kale was a bright young man living in Bena Rikashi, until he turned sour and took charge of the Space Police. He corrupted them, and once he became in charge of the pirates, he united their forces. The Space Police and pirates began working together, and no pirates were arrested during this time. They were free to create havoc across the solar system.

Social PyramidEdit

  1. Master Kale is the ruler of the pirates. All main orders come from him.
  2. Master Chard is the second-in-command. If Master Kale is busy or in a chronic condition, all orders come from him. He is also largly influential on the pirate otters.
  3. Lord Persimmon was once a high-ranking pirate. He is suppossed to give commands, but barely any pirates listen to him.
  4. Otters are at the bottom of the social pyramid. Although there are many of them, they mostly do Master Kale or Master Chard's bidding.


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