Will-o-Wisp Academy is the school where the main heroes live. It is on Kovomaka, the player's home. Many famous magicians such as Ms. Madeline, Principal Biscotti, Master Kale, and soon, the Hero/Heroine goes to. A student from Ambergris Prep mentions that Will-o-Wisp Academy is the top school.

Appearance Edit

It has an interior of two floors and roof. The bottom two floors hold classrooms, Principal Biscotti's office and a statue of Principal Biscotti.

Secret Rockets Edit

The roof holds six rockets which, before going to Kahve Ruins for the second time, are the party's transport. Nobody seems to know how to fly them and are all ended up on random planets. By coincidence, the Hero/Heroine and Lassi end up on Erd; Chai being the only one to land on their target, Puffoon. Before reaching the rocket floor, there is a large door with the ability to speak. The Hero/Heroine must use their field Light or Dark Magic to open it. When initiating the launch sequence, the clock on the exterior of the academy winds up to 00:00. The summit of the building opens out to allow the rocket to fly away.

Strangely enough, all of the characters, except for Sorbet and Hero/Heroine, landed on the planet that their starsign is strongest against.

Charcter Planet landed On
Hero/Heroine Erd
Lassi Erd
Mokka Cassia
Chai Puffoon
Pico Gren
Sorbet Gren

Sorbet's Problem Edit

In the game, Sorbet mentions she comes from a poor family, and has to drop out of the academy. At the end of the game, she was gifted a full scholarship.

Gallery Edit

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